Our Solutions

Our Solutions

The only Organisation specialising in providing Local Authorities with solutions using tried and tested systems achieving positive results.

We deliver an innovative flexible solution to Local Authorities to address unadopted roads.

Combining the expertise of our team of Legal, Loss Assessor and Technical Specialists working solely with Local Authorities we partner with them to assist in invoking the default clauses within an Agreement.

Our service focuses on providing the Local Authority with a revenue-generating and zero expenditure resource to assist in dealing with breached adoption Agreements whereby the Developer is no longer trading unable or unwilling to fulfil their obligations.

The utilisation of our resource is offered on a very flexible basis however the fundamentals remain the same and is based on providing assistance to existing Local Authorities Highways Department in order to generate positive results on unadopted Developer Highways by placing the Authority in funds with minimum resource from the Highways Department.

Given our niche specialism, we have encountered and resolved a vast array of obstacles raised by both and/or Developers who are refusing to honour their contractual obligations under the S38/S278 Agreement.

These have included;

  • Third-party land issues including easements and licenses
  • Complex legal issues
  • Insolvent Surety Providers

To summarise, we create solutions to solve problems to assist the Local Authority to assert their contractual rights under the S38/S278 Agreement.

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